Clicking in Reports Tool Window on leftmost button where you can select Types; Tags; Attachments; Special; Custom
takes quite a while until it opens.
I can imagine that the reason is that on each click the report is updated with the actual selection before the drop down menu is opened.

A special disadvantage is that even on first open of reports window the report on All items is processed. What really takes time on a big brain. Normally I always have some condition that narrows the list. But I have to wait for the first big list until I can get "my" selection.

... Furthermore I think TheBrain is unique
regards Hannes from Bavaria
Brain Junky V6.x Pro / WebBrain / V7 Beta /
Win 7 Prof 64 & 32, MS Office 2010 & Outlook & Firefox & IE

Thanks for posting. Our engineers have been made aware of this problem previously and are currently working on a patch to resolve this problem which will be available in a future update of PB.



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