I'm dealing with a lot of events in my studies right now (mostly books/articles being published, and the events surrounding them), and so I wanted to put together a timeline to get a better idea of what's happening at the same time, how events are distributed throughout time, what has possibly influenced other things, and so on.

Here's what I've come up with, and it seems to be working fairly well.

I have centuries (1500s,1600s,etc) and years (1980, 1981..2008) as thoughts (typed "year") as children of "years".  Also, 1600s are a child of 1500s, 1700s are a child of 1600s, and so forth.

Next, I create a new thought that's my "event" thought:  a war, something published, someone dies (if it's pertinent), and so forth, with the year as the first part of the thought name to force sorting chronologically.  To that event thought, I connect as jumps thoughts for that person (if someone writes something, significant life events, and so on), the thought for a book that's published (that contains the full text, my notes, or both), and so forth.

The benefit that I've seen is not only do I get a better picture of what's going on, but everything sorts chronologically, the centuries "follow" one another due to the parent/child links, and I can see two centuries at once thanks to the sibling relationships (see images).

Of course, Expanded View is great for this, as well.

Hope it helps someone.

Note 2008-03-20: I noticed an issue with sorting when adding months into the thought name (eg, "2004 05").  See this post for details and solution:

Maybe you're also interested in (the Genealogy adapter there) and (Genealogy of Influence). Also here:
Thanks for pointing them out.
Using the "wander" function of TheBrain might be a good way to revise before examinations.


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