I am using PB  to manage almost anything inside a computer by a single brain scheme. As time goes on, my brain has about 70,000 Thoughts now. Now it is very slow to paste outline into my brain, compared to a newly created brain. This makes PB almost unusable as a quick personal knowledge management tool.

Is there a bottle-neck inside PB for this performance slowing down? Why is it? Can it be improved?

Making my Thinkpad X60 run on a SSD may be a pricey choice to get out of the trouble. 

Increase RAM for the Java VM didn't show any improvement.
Can more RAM be used to store the database index to accelerate the process searching for Thoughts with same name? Or postpone the index update after the inserting of new records?



Windows XP,JRE 1.6.0_13,PB
Can you try these utilities in PB, and check if search and paste outline works better after that?

File-Utilities-Rebuild Database
File-Utilities-Refresh Web Pages Index
File-Utilities-Refresh Instant Activation Index
File-Utilities-Rebuild Search Index

Also try to empty your clipboard before you select a text outline for copying into PB, to check if that helps.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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