Hi, i am considering buying an apple mac-air. I also have a windows pc that i use for my work. I want to have only ONE (non-web) brain and access this one from both PCs. What would be the best way to do that ?

1) can i store my brain file for example on the Apple iCloud and access it from PB running on my Windows PC and PB on my Mac ..
2) is there any import / export required ?
3) is this transparant to attachement stored for eample on the icloud ?
4) when  using the webbrain .. what happens to internal attachements ? are these stored somewhere in the "cloud" ?

thanks Koen

Best regards,

Hello Koen,

Thank you for posting. Storing Brains on 3rd party cloud services and external storage is not recommended. These have been known to cause issues. We have WebBrain available to sync your Brains across multiple machines. WebBrain also makes backing up and sharing your Brains a breeze. More information on WebBrain can be found HERE.

Alternatively, you can manually create a BrainZip of your Brain and move this to your other machine when you need a new version of changes. The disadvantage to this, of course, is that you would have to do this anytime you make changes instead of allowing WebBrain to automatically keep your Brains in sync across multiple machines.

Hi thanks, yes this is a good option!.  Maybe combined with just storing the attachements on a third party cloud provider (thinking about either google docs or iCloud) and the brain itself (with links to attachements) on webbrain.

0) is it correct to say that when using webbrain you do not have any local data anymore ?   Or is it a choice between no local data at all or using webbrain to sync data between local brains ? Or a combi of both ?

1) if i import attachements INTO the WebBrain i would assume that the documents are physically removed from my PC and stored on your servers..  Is there a way to access these than directly  from the PC ? How does this work ? OR Do you have to download the document back to your pc  (like google docs)?

2) Can you provide me with info or links the measures thebrain has taken to ensure the security and privacy  of my data ?  Can i store sensitive personal and business information on my webbrain ? Do you have any security policies. Can i see those ? Do yo have auditing in place ? What Controls are in place to manage security ? Where do you store user accounts ? How strong is password policy ?

3) Do you backup data stored in webbrain..

4) what does this mean : (hummmmmmm???)

*Beta* This service is currently under rapid development and may be subject to changes, outages and errors without notice.


regards Koen

Best regards,

5) can i get more than 10GB ?


Best regards,

0) No, WebBrain syncs local data between machines and makes it available on the web. You still have all your database files locally.

1) No, they are copied online, but are still local. If you are familiar with how DropBox works, it's similar, only TheBrain specific.

I can't answer 2 or 3.

4) It means it's still in beta, stuff (like features) may and probably will change, and they are still fine tuning load capacity, etc.

5 ) You may look at TheBrain combo package, it's 20 GB.

Also, you can tell how big your attachments are (this is what count towards the limit) by choosing File > Utilities > Statistics and look at the Internal Attachments Size.

macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
For questions 2 and 3 on Security, please see 

Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

Good afternoon,


I 'share' my brain on an usb external disk (+/- 20 Gbyte) on 2 locations.

I have no apple so i'm not sure this will work for you.

I backup this external disk, overnight, on my NAS.






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