I have been using The Brain for two years now professionally for engineering projects, contacts & website, supplier info, orders I placed, experience documentation, opening CAD, XLS and DOC files, etc.
I like to take all one step further but am afraid TheBrain does not offer a solution to this.
The home plex of all the information is <My name> and is located on a server.
I can create a new plex above <My name> and call this e.g. <Company> and make this the new home plex.
Now I create several new name (colleagues) plexes under <Company>.
Suppose each colleague engineer has TheBrain running on his/her computer, each engineer could start using the same file adding their daily information about projects, etc.
TheBrain file <Company> would grow into a knowledge base and if I look for certain info I would find that someone might allready have some relevant information that I can use. Would that not be great.

Problems I can see are:
- the one file <Company> needs to be shared with all users and be able to be edited simultanious by these users.
- the file will grow really big I guess, everybody storing the information in one file.
- document control; I do not want others to change my files
- link problems; what if folders on the server are renamed, this would break all kind of links.
- other?

Does TheBrain offer a solution, or does anyone know of a solution.
Your input is much appreciated.
Gerard Boterman

I recommend TeamBrain.  TeamBrain allows you to collaborate securely in the cloud or offline with TheBrain desktop application. If you edit offline, you can simply sync to send and receive changes from each other. We offer TeamBrain as a hosted cloud offering or we can set up TeamBrain Server on your own server.  If interested in setting up trial, write to Tracy
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

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