Hello dear thebrain

certainly i would collaborate with my clients through thebrain when I could share my brains in an other way:
I had a 'one brain for it all' but i more and more think that will ever work for collaborating......

So now i think to create a brain per client (i have a accounting firm). In the brain i can document and plan everything. But there have to be thoughts in the documents and planning that are only visible to me. So i make them private thoughts.

But then I have a problem:
I only have the option to share public (sharing url): private thoughts are not visible then.....
HOWEVER: just an url sharing is to unsafe for me......

So i would rather share with my client through an thebrain account for them. 
HOWEVER: then the private thoughts will be visible and i don't want that neither......

Suggestion: Public sharing url with the need to login as guest with a password linked to that shared url/ brain. That way i can share any brain by sending url and a password.....

Suggestion:  private thoughts should be private for the user who created them...... (that's private;-))
In that case i can get my client involved through a thebrain account without them seeing my private thoughts

Kind regards and hoping to see some improvements in sharing/ rights ..


In addition:
nearly 3 years ago i suggested :

Further I don't expect that tags, types etc etc are also involved in sharing (however it would be nice...but not essential).

TheBrain (the company) has to start with the basic sharing and then develop from there.......

So I only think some options:
1.share this thought
2.share this thought with children (private ones don't get shared....)
3.share this thought with siblings and children

Of course i can think of much more choices . But this is what is essential.....

Maybe worthwhile to consider?

Yes please
Thought level access control is being actively discussed in the engineering department.  This is a MAJOR update that, if possible, will take a significant amount of time to develop to work properly.  In the mean time, you can always segment a large Brain into a smaller, topic specific Brain and then easily share it with others in several different ways.

Selecting Multiple Thoughts: https://www.thebrain.com/support/tutorials#selecting-multiple-thoughts
Sharing a Brain: https://www.thebrain.com/support/tutorials#sharing

Thank you,

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