This might have been addressed elsewhere -- including by me with the bad memory [rolleyes] -- sorry if this is a cross post.  Anyway:

If we close all the open brains we come to a tab named "Brains" that lists all the local and remote brains.

If that tab is closed with ⌘W or the "x" is clicked then there is no window.  At first I thought the solution was to quit and restart.   Less obviously, merely using New Tab or New Window restores the interface.

But maybe the "Brains" tab shouldn't be closable when it is the last vestige of the UI -- other than the Menu bar of course.

No big deal either way.

Yes, it should be on a Mac, much like you can close all tabs in Google Chrome but still have it running.
On Mac, the normal behavior is for the app to stay open until you quit. On Windows, it is normal to exit the app. TB9 follows these OS specific conventions.

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