In an old post
I suggested that a status bar for PB4 would be useful, like those shown in browsers.  Here I am again stumping for it.

When mouse passes over a Thought and it only contains one link attachment, this URL or Folder path is shown in the status bar.  Just like moving over a link in a web page.

I know I can see this if I keep the Properties&Attachment tool open, but it takes up too much space (and no amount of toolbar arrangment make it usable).  Using the notification widget pop-out out would be too obstrusive too.   A status bar is what users are accustomed to, it is even a help with security issues.

-- Josef

I think I like this one myself.  I have been using PB in full screen mode and double clicking to bring up the panes if I need an overview of the attachements or what not.  This could be useful.
I second this request! A status bar would definitely save tons of time.
I would like to resurrect this and thus +4 it.

This could provide all or part of what is available in the Thought Details dialog.  Being able to mouse over a thought and see when it was created and last modified without having to click to open the dialog and click to close it and then click another thought to do it again would make TheBrain much smoother when wanting to conduct a visual inspection of thought details.  Example: I crawl the brain and want to find the few that have an older date than most. Imagine the crawl producing 50 thoughts.  A status bar display of dates created and modified would make this easy. 


- Bal

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