Hi Folks,
First of all, I love the product!

I understand HOW the timeline works, but not why. I just don't quite feel the practical usefulness of the timeline showing my google calendar (other than notes during an online meeting) and so little about my brain.  

I know that the search pane allows me to sort and filter by date, but I had an idea of a way that would be easier and more interactive for the user.

I'd love to browse the thoughts that I recently added (or edited) on the timeline rather than the search box. Could you give an option to show a layer on the timeline for thought creation date (or optionally edited date)? This could serve as extended visual bread-crumbs, a way to pick up where you left off, and an encouragement about how quickly your brain is growing and changing.

As far as I can tell, this doesn't require much new design work other than a new button or option on the hamburger button. Also, I can see from the database that you're already tracking those time stamps. It's just a new data import for the existing timeline. Is this feasible?

+1 ;-)

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