I am a very long time user, perhaps from version 1.73.

Over the years mybrains got bloated. When I make a search I get a large amount of old useless results. So it gets slower and bigger.

Some maintenance is necessary, but I can find no tool  to delete parts of mybrain, just forget, thoughts one by one.

It is not just that the world "forget" is unsexy and reminds me that I'm getting older and already forgetting too much. Forgetting thoughts doesn't make mybrain smaller and also forgetting thoughts one by one is really to much work and it is not worth to do it.

I imagine that a delete command is not implemented because it is too dangerous to delete a part of the brain because of possible links with other parts. But no all our brains are so complex, some parts are simply hierarchycal.

Inevitably there are parts of the brains that are organized hyerarchically. For example let me consider a brain with 2 main sections: accounting and sports. Most probably there are no links between the 2 sections and also the years of the accounting section are totally separated.

So perhap I should be able to delete the thought "accounting 1998" and all its childs and the following progeny and eventual jumps connecting only INSIDE the progeny.
This way there is no risk because deleting the whole accounting 1998 progeny has no relation whatsoever with any other thought in the brain.

But let me suppose that I was wrong and did not remember that there was some link between a thought of the progeny of accounting 1998 and another thought outside of the progeny. Well, TheBrain should be aware of that and in this case deleting should not be permitted, for example shadowing the command.

If I see that the delete command is shadowed may look for the link outside the progeny of accounting 1998, delete de link manually and then be able to delete the whole accounting 1998 thought an progeny with a single click.

This would be enought, but if you want to make it better yet, you may add a move button so that I can move accounting 1998 thought and progeny to a backup brain to be used only if eventually requested.

Sorry for this very long request and suggestion. But things change in life. What was so very important in 1998, may be totally worthless now and we need a simple way to clean up the mess of our life.

You can also copy the thoughts, paste them to a new brain, and then go back to the prior brain and delete them.
Ctrl+click will also allow you to select multiple thoughts, and the right-click menu from the selection box allows the multiple thought forgetting, deletion and copy.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Brain bloat is an issue.

Best way to do massive amounts of brain surgery is to:
  1. Make a brainzip backup.
  2. Rename your brain (ie, Temp 1998)
  3. Start up a new instance of PB (two at once)
  4. restore the backup (from the brainzip) in the new instance
  5. Make the changes to the renamed brain until you are satisfied. Don't forget to BRAINZIP your renamed brain after major changes--- so you can roll back to that point if need be.
By having your brain open in its ORIGINAL state and in the brain you are working on, you can easily check to see the links for any thought or thoughts you are altering. It allows you to copy back any thought you may have accidentally deleted or altered and want to get back to its original state.

To do massive removals, make use of the Control+Click and the "Thought Selection Box". You can forget those thoughts in mass together, copy (and move to a THIRD instance of a brain, if you wanted to split the brain, etc), or change their relationship. 

Once you have forgotten all the thoughts you want to purge forever, don't forget to into your "Forgotten Thoughts" and delete them--- if you are out to get the size of your brain down.

I personally avoid brain bloat by starting a new brain per new machine (both at home and at work). This allows me to not have to worry about having 6 shortcuts to the same tool (and only 2 work, as the file and directory structures change over time or over machines), and my searches aren't bogged down with info from 15 years ago--- unless I go open up a brain from 15 years ago. Commonly needed information is easily copied from an old brain into a new one, and I end up with "snapshots" of my older brains, where that brain stopped being used. With each machine's brain named after the machine, all I need to do is remember what MACHINE I was using at the time to find specific info--- or, what PROJECT information is located in (for Project brains).
Many thanks for the help

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