One of the main disincentives to including hyperlinks in Notes is the need to hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse cursor over the hyperlink before it can be activated. The PB team went to a lot of trouble to implement hyperlinks to Thoughts in this latest version, but the clumsy method of activation that needs two hands and four steps to do it is really discouraging to anyone used to single-clicking a hyperlink on a web page and getting action.

It isn't enough just to hold down the Ctrl key and click the hyperlink. The full sequence requires:

1) Hold Ctrl key down;
2) Click the hyperlink (reversing steps 1 and 2 won't work at all);
3) Drag horizontally or vertically, keeping the cursor on the link, till the cursor changes into a pointing hand - it won't do so otherwise;
4) Click the link to activate.

Constantly holding down the Ctrl key and the L mouse button can become really tiring after activating a lot of links this way. By contrast, activating the same URL via a URL attachment requires only a single click. But this has its downside too - URL attachments seem plagued with the problem that PB does not always download the correct favicon, any more than one URL attachment requires an extra step to bring up a list to make a choice, etc.

Is there any hope of ever being able to change this to just a single-click, or even a double-click, or will we be stuck with the current Ctrl-drag-click method into the foreseeable future? Maybe one of the developers can answer this.

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Alan Rhodes

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