Thank you TB Team for bringing back single spacing! I am so thrilled to have this back! This also appears to have fixed some of the weirdness with using bullets or checklists and trying to hit Enter a few times to get a normal text line to appear after the list. So, overall, much better note experience!

If anyone has any ideas on how to bulk convert all of my existing notes to single-spaced, please send it along. For now, I'm happy to just convert the ones I am actively updated. Here's what works for me so far:

  • Select all the content in a note (Ctrl-A on Windows)
  • Cut (Ctrl-X) or if you're concerned, do a copy into another note then go back to the original & delete the text
  • make sure everything in the notes area is gone (no spaces or bullet or checkbox left)
  • click into a different thought
  • click back to the thought
  • paste into the notes area
This single spaces everything so you might lose some formatting, but well worth it!

Thanks for the feedback. It is always good to hear that a feature is being used and improving the experience.

We plan to add a way to convert between the spacing options in a future release. In the meantime, your process should work correctly but I wouldn't invest too much time doing this as the automated way will be much faster. 🙂

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