Here is the situation:
I am experimenting with using sitebrain in my upcoming courses by "integrating" (via linking) it into the online course management platform provide by my university. This requires that the student be signed into the course site where various articles and material are housed and by clicking the relevant thought on the sitebrain (which can be on another tab in the browser or opened within the course platform -- works either way) they get access to the posted article or other material. Works like a charm....

However: When I load the sitebrain on to my personal server (where I prefer it to be located) the background is black and none of the thoughts, etc show and I get the following message:
"To continue, please enable this window to run JavaScript.
Select the message at the top of the window and choose "Allow Blocked Content..." If you don't see a message at the top of the window, you may have JavaScript disabled. Enable it and refresh the browser."
I have checked and the JS is running, there is no blocking, and the same happens in both Firefox and IE. (To see what I see: http://dubnick.com/pb/ ; if you don't see what I see, then I'd appreciate some insight....)

I went to an alternative server and posted the sitebrain and everything seems fine (http://pubpages.unh.edu/dubnick/906/ -- although the links won't come up for you folks).

Is there something missing in my personal server that is causing this difference?

Maybe your browser is setup with different security rules between internet/intranet and localhost, and this will not let javaVM run on pages on your own computer.


The problem appears to be on your web server.

http://dubnick.com/pb/thebrain/thebrain.js is the first file that intializes the SiteBrain, but it is returning a 404 error.

Either the server is setup to not allow downloading of .js files or the files are missing.


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