After years of having all requests for Sitebrain improvements met with replies such as "We're considering it", I'm appalled to find that the Sitebrain export has been downgraded to be almost completely useless, 

I tried using Webbrain,  but it was so user unfriendly that I had to abandon it.  No ability to set the default plex size,  no display of web attachments, no ability to include Iframes, etc.  It reduced the Brain to merely a links organiser.

And now I find that in the new Sitebrain export,  which one cannot even view without uploading it to a server (actually, one that I made is viewable in Firefox, but the others are just blank blue and white windows; how absurd is that?!!),  the content frame size has been set at half the window, and the ability to resize or close the plex window is gone.  Furthermore, editing the settings.js and layout.css files seems to make no difference, at least to the one I can view in Fire fox.

I can only conclude that the company is trying to force users into abandoning the use of Sitebrains and going over to Webbrain.  I can't imagine any Sitebrain user paying $100 dollars or more for the privilege of losing all those functions, so one will have to forego the nice curvy lines and stick with version 6, it would appear.

What I wrote above does presuppose that these new limitations are intentional.  If they are merely problems with the Beta that have not been worked out,  then I apologise for my expressions of annoyance.
Could someone please clarify this? 
According to the "transitioning to PB7" document PB7 offers: "A completely rebuilt version of SiteBrain is included, featuring broader browser compatibility, faster performance, and improved rendering.". It would be good to see a bit more info on changes made to site brain. 

This is VERY disappointing indeed! I am experiencing the same limitations and I thought I did something wrong somehow and I'll try it later again. 

For many reasons (security of content, just to name one) Webbrain is not an alternative for me although I am a subscriber of Webbrain already for almost two years. 
Version 6 was very unstable: I paid for it and I never used it (still using 5.x): my hope was on version 7. So I am a loyal user of this tool but now I have a very unpleasant feeling with these limitations.  

@Harlan: can you please explain the reasons behind these limitations? 



We are aware of the SiteBrain issues with TheBrain 7.  Please do keep in mind that this is still in Beta and many features are yet to come.  We do not plan on taking away any features of SiteBrain, but rather enhancing this feature in the application.  Sorry for the delay in these new features - our schedules are quite full now with the beta, but please do know that the best is yet to come.


Thank you,



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