I'm not too keen to share company confidential information on a cloud site. Is Sitebrain still an option, so I can store my brain on an internal server?

Possibly related, what is the purpose of export to json ?


Thanks for posting. Sorry, SiteBrain was removed in version 9. It became increasingly difficult to support and the advancements and capabilities of syncing and sharing to TheBrain Cloud made it virtually unnecessary. That being said, I do understand your concerns about confidential information. You do have the option of keeping your Brain Private when syncing to TheBrain Cloud and then sharing your Brain only with specific users. To set this up, click on Online > Brain Access and Sharing in TheBrain desktop. 

If you do decide to make your Brain public, it can still only be located/accessed by those who know the URL. 

We do have excellent security for your data on our server:
  • TheBrain 9 servers are hosted via Microsoft Azure
  • At present, there is no facility for accessing information even by administrators without the login information. Additionally, our services agreement does not permit us to access user data for any purpose beyond providing services to the user.
  • Passwords are salted and hashed and cannot be viewed by anyone
  • File attachments and notes are encrypted using a 256-bit AES cipher (one of the strongest block ciphers available)
  • There are no third party party vendors that would have access to data hosted on TheBrain Cloud
Thanks for your quick response, Matt.
Good to see you've gone to the maximum of what encryption can provide.

I think I've found a workable form, where the thoughts themselves are URL-linked to Onenote notes that are local to the company, so the structure is in the brain, but the contents is local.

I'm still in PoC phase on this, but it's good to see that the brilliant concept of TheBrain is still in place.

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