I tried my first publish of a SiteBrain today from under Windows XP with pretty unusable results.  I'm wondering if these issues have been addressed in an upcoming release and/or have work-arounds.  If not, then this can be the first time.

The main issues so far are with virtual thoughts and sizing of the plex.

   I can't mark virtual thoughts as private, and when they get exported to the SiteBrain, clicking on them causes the JavaScript (IE7) to go into a loop of some kind [complete with the blooming / bulging effect I love so much].

At some point I also see a script error.  See attached file for dialog box; here is where VS2008 marks the problem:

aZ("back:"+gz[i].id);i++;}for(var c=0;c<cz;c++){var h=0;var gP=0;var cv=gZ-dr/2;var cr=hi-dr;if(gX=="TOP"){h=gP;}if(gX=="BOTTOM"){h=cr;}if(gX=="CENTER"){if(cv+dr>hi){h=cr;}else{h=cv;if(zone=="ACTIVE"){h--;}}}for(var fN=0;fN<rows;fN++){gz[i].div=bq(gz[i],"plex");var db=hj[0]-fv[0]+x;var cM=gz[i].div;var dc=hj[1]-fv[1]+h+(cM.offsetHeight/2);var eV=cM.getAttribute("nextThoughtsCounter");var cd=0;if(cM.getAttribute("appearingThought")){cd=1;}eT[eV].gf(db,dc,numAniFrames,cd);eT[eV].maxWidth=cA;if(!animate){eT[eV].cC();}h+=eT[eV].height;i++;  

Sizing the plex in IE7 can result in a situation where the sizing function or callback somehow doesn't let go of the mouse position and tries to track it around the window, with predictable effects.  Clicking in the window of another program may be one way to stop this.


The looping behavior on clicking a virtual thought is 100% repeatable.  The script error has occurred several times but not every time, and the same is true of the plex sizing glitch.


It may well be that these issues are tied together somehow, for example beginning with the attempt to click on a virtual thought.


What can you tell me?   And... does SiteBrain "work better" from BrainEKP?



Click image for larger version - Name: 'undefined_is_null'_from_sizing_or_virtual_thought.jpg, Views: 78, Size: 22.97 KB

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