I'm using a PB4 Pro edition. And I did some research here in the forum with no relevant results, so I'm gonna raise this question.

In the exported sitebrain, you see two windows, the top one being the brain area and the bottom a web page corresponding to a selected thought.

The thing is, in some windows you can scroll them by using your mouse wheel, but in others you just can't unless you click & drag the scrollbar. In those windows that you can't scroll by using a mouse wheel, you can't seem to control the windows without dragging the scrollbar itself. In those windows, for example, even the Page Up/Down keys don't work, either.

In the attached zip file, there's a simple SiteBrain having two website links. The Chris Brown Official website window provides the ability to scroll with a mouse wheel, etc. On the other hand, the Wikipedia window can't be controlled without dragging the scrollbar.

Any help would be appreciated.


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