As far as I know, Techsmith's SNAGIT is the most able screen capture app out there. For one thing, it will get an article too long for a single-screen capture, automatically scrolling and saving it as an image into its database. Again, as far as I know, PB can only get a single screen -- very useful indeed, but impossible for online articles which will soon no longer exist on the web. How might I get this sort of data into my brain?
Have you tried to print to a PDF? You can easily import this and as a bonus it is indexed so you can search in it.
With CutePDF for example.

As a downside, it does require a few extra steps.
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Well, Snagit generates a beautiful pdf copy of its capture, but I can't see how I can import it to PB; the PB manual has only a couple of references to pdf files, and nothing about importing them into PB. Can you help once more?

You should have several options (assuming you are running Core or Pro).
For the Snagit images:
You can attach Snagit images as thought icons. To do this, after capturing the image, select copy all in the Snagit Window so the image is written to the clipboard. Then right click on the thought and choose Paste Thought Icon. You can also paste the image in the Notes window if you prefer. Keep in mind that you don't want to many images in a single thoughts notes, as it can slow PB down.

For .pdf's, just drag them to the thought and they will either be linked to or copied into an internal PB folder, depending on your settings in Options > Preferences. In both cases the attachment is indexed so can be found in an extended search, or can be opened either by clicking on the attachment icon on the thought, or by clicking on the attachment in the Properties & Attachments tools window.

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Thanks to you both; the pdf saves are a wonderful solution. SNAGIT makes a pdf in a few seconds, and drops it on the desktop, from which is is moved -- not copied --  to the appropriate PB thought. With data storage less and less a concern, this facility enriches PB very much indeed. Many thanks.

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