There are approximately 10,000 public Brains available through Webbrain. I was curious what might be hidden in that list.  For fun I scanned through the first 6,000 or so, extending back to 2012.  I found 22 that I thought worthwhile to link into my Brain in terms of being good examples to be able to point people to in terms of how TheBrain has been used. 

A few notes:

1.   Several of the ones I grabbed are from Brain staff, including Matt's Canoeing Brain!
2.   There are an amazing number of Russian Brains in Webbrain.
3.   The number of Brains that have been opened more than a few hundred times is very small. 
4.   There are incredibly few "topical" Brains that really dive deep into a specific topic (multi language wine Brain is one example). 

Anyway, having gone through the list it occurred to me that others might be interested in the 20+ Brains that I linked to.  It's a lot easier than paging through the first 210 pages on Webbrain!

The link to where the Brains are organized is:

Happy Braining!


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