Hi, I recently discovered TheBrain and it looks like an AMAZING tool.

Now I am wondering if I could potentially use it to completely model an entire software application.
Specifically a web based warehouse inventory management system with online ordering and billing capabilities.

WHERE would I start and WHAT would it look like?



  • Software Modeling / Design
  • Concept Mapping
  • Process Flowchart
  • BPMN (Business Process Modeling)
  • UML (Unified Modeling Language)
  • Agile Planning
  • Pseudo Code

I don't think The Brain would be a good fit for that. There are graphically oriented tools that have those standards and concepts built in, for example, Lucid Chart. I am guessing you would be sharing your diagrams with other team members and they would expect a more standard notation.
That's not to say there is not a role for TB in documenting and discovery about your domain that the system will be used for.

Maybe there are others here that i have tried what you suggest.
TheBrain is an amazing tool. As Rob2050 mentions, specific pieces of software that address your bullet points are probably your best vertical workspaces, but above them, TheBrain might be an excellent choice for connecting the silos with big picture planning, brainstorming, radiant thinking, etc. The visual elements in TheBrain are unique and offer a mind entertaining/calming and highly productive workplace for both creative and concrete thinking. imho
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I am not looking for LOW-level design or any code generation. But a way to MODEL an entire application with all of it's features, functions, screens, buttons, etc, so say a potential investor or user could imagine how the system would work and flow.  Also a way to flesh out ALL of the future features of the application to share with potential developers so they can fully understand the entire scope of the project and quote the job accurately.

Intriguing idea, PwrSrg ~
I know nothing at all about application modeling and I, too, am inclined to think a program like Lucid Chart might better serve the purpose of creating a visual model of an application.
However, I do love testing the limits of TheBrain, and if your goal is to provide a conceptual model (overview) of the application, I'm wondering now if TheBrain's basic outlining function could provide the (basic) structural organization you would need (for both the current design and future enhancements) -- and then the jump thoughts, types and tags could provide elaboration about this structure itself.
That said, my first guess would be that it would be difficult to capture of complexity of an application design in an outline -- or might this be a reasonable (feasible) starting point for consideration?
I think you could easily model the application interface, in terms of hierarchical menus & options, and possibly model the conceptual and functional relationships, but it's not really designed to model complex workflows - conditional 'if...else' nodes would be awkward to represent clearly.
Though this thread is a little bit older, the following link might be still helpful:
Leo is an editor on steroids, fully programmable (using Python), suitable for managing larger projects, great support from the author, alas, not easy to grasp.
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