So here was my problem:

I was running the Java Brain client on two different Linux boxes, one running Slackware64 14.1 and the other running RHEL 6.

Java was Version 7 Update 60, the latest production release of Java.

Whenever I tried to close a brain, the program would just sit there and not do anything.  I could still navigate around the brain, but otherwise nothing was happening.

Whenever I exited the program, it seemed to exit OK, but the JVM process would be left running.

In both of these cases, I had to kill the process manually.  When I did Brain would pop up an error box. 

The output.log file recorded an exception thrown when an attempt was made to write to the H2 database that the Brain uses.  An Error Log was also generated at the same time, always with a database write or read error.

Patrick Thompson told me to do the usual things, including making sure I was running the latest Java.  So I installed the beta version of Java 8, and the problem disappeared!  I am now able to easily close, save, and exit the program.

Java 8 downloads


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