Has anyone else run into this issue?

When I create an internal (local) link to a thought in a note, the link occasionally is broken in the web client immediately after it is created, even though the same link is working in the desktop.

Moreover, if I try to create a link to the same thought in another note, the link is broken every place where it appears.

I have not found a fix for this issue, except by deleting and recreating the thought to which I was linking.

This bug does not occur frequently, but it does mean I have to check local links in the web client every time I create them in the desktop -- and it is often quite problematic (time consuming) to have to replace the thoughts to which I was linking.

I've set up a test Brain with just 3 thoughts. Thought A has 2 child thoughts, B and C.  Both B and C have notes with a link back to A (in the notes)  Does this sound like it would not work on your end?  The issue may be browser specific.  I'm testing in Google Chrome:

@mcaton & @peterB & @mctrexler

Matt, this only occurs randomly (rarely) and Peter has already identified the problem in my support ticket on this issue. (Apologies for not providing the help desk ticket link here in this forum discussion.)

For those who can't access this private ticket, here is Peter's very helpful (and much appreciated) feedback:

I've noticed this happen a few times to me too. And the good news is that I've found a clue. In every example I've seen of this, on the webClient the broken link has the string <u></u> inserted as part of the link. Which is exactly what is breaking the link and making it not work. The bad news is that I cannot figure out any sort of pattern of why on earth some links are ending up with those characters in them. Hopefully knowing exactly how the link is getting broken is enough for our engineers to see where/why it's occurring. And I'll continue to stare at the examples of this we have and try to find the pattern that reliably reproduces it. We'll let you know as soon as we crack this one.

Also, as I explained in my ticket, Mark Trexler has also been dealing with this issue, and his current workaround is to copy and paste the offending thought back into the plex. For some inexplicable reason, this seems to remove the offending underline code.....

Perhaps this workaround will be helpful in determining how the bogus code makes it's way into the URL in the first place?
@mcaton & @peterB & @mctrexler ~

Just now checked the broken links on 2 of my thoughts, and both contained the bogus HTML coding:
> One url contained <u></u>
> Another contained <s></s> please be aware of the possibility of multiple variants when troubleshooting.
= Update =

Until this bug is fixed, Mark's workaround is an absolute god-send! Copy and pasting the thought not only fixes the broken link, but it also preserves ALL the thought/link connections and tags. HUGE timesaver!

Thank you, Mark, for this stroke of genius! ðŸ˜„🙌👍

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