Is there a possibility to set the sort order of a sitebrain? Now it seems to be sorted by the number of the child. I would prefer the sort in alphabetical order.

Sorry, but there is no way to set the sort order that is builtin unfortunately. Perhaps you can play around with the code and manage to achieve that, however.
Sort order should default to alphabetical. We're looking into why this might not be the case as a possible bug.
The sort order in a SiteBrain is determined by the ordering of the thoughts in the XML files, which unfortunately are currently sorted by ID.

The ideal solution would be to respect the setting from user preferences which can be name, type, or one of the dates.

If you have a very small SiteBrain, you could manually open each of the XML files and re-arrange the thoughts. Just don't mess with the first one!

A good editor like XMLSPy would allow you to sort the thoughts by Name or Hint (Label). Unfortunately, Type is not in the XML export so if you want to sort by Type you'll have to think of something else.

Note that thoughts are repeated in any XML file that links to the thought, so just sorting the children in a parent thought will only display them sorted when that thought has focus. When one of the children has focus the siblings that appear on the right would not be sorted unless you also sorted them in the child's file too.

Which explains the caveat about this only working for a very small SiteBrain.

Hopefully, Harlan will come through with an improved XML file export that respects the user preferences. I mention user preferences, because I arrange by Type.
the inability to sort the brain would and should have been a point from the beginning of the development of the brain technology.

A good percentage of us want to use the brain for website navigation -
which is at this point nearly impossible to be able to do in a "logical" manner for the "visitor".

It suits me personal on my computer - but definitely not for website visitors.
It's confusing to them, it jumps all over the place - BECAUSE everyone thinks different - and there is no way on earth that I would be able to structure every thought with millions of other people in mind.
Defeats the purpose of the Brain.

I have had Brain Pro since some years now, and left it from time to time because it's so cumbersome with very large hierarchies, especially when one needs to change some subs entirely.
Ergo - not flexible enough for development structures.

Some of you might disagree with my feelings about this - but I myself simply don't have the time to spend on creating one website navigation after another, trying to get the brain to work the way I need it.

So - after years, am finally giving up on it.
Started using Mind-map Pro - and what a difference.
Granted, rather ugly to look at compared to the brain - but MM allows me to simply upload one file, and the entire navigation on my website is refreshed, after some changes. Without messing everything else up.

This is just my personal rant and rave after frustrated attempts to use the brain for a large website navigation.

Now, am only using it for a 'shopping list' - 

Needless to say, that I will no longer upgrade in the future. Had been waiting for a long time for it to improve on that subject, to no avail.

And the branding is another bothersome issue, would not have min to place a link on my site - but definitely don't want the brain logo on MY work.


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