Good afternoon,

Thoughts are grouped in correlation with the most important thoughts in the plex. It reads very well and shows unexpected information about thought relations.

Like in the included expanded view, i fix a few important thoughts in the corners of the plex. Important equals many/most links in the view, not the active thought but related to the active thought.

It results in spaces in the plex with it's own meaning like  the region "my horses" tells me everything about my horses Nicky, Cayenne and Aragon, the blacksmith, myself, the veterinarian, etc etc.

I do this manually now.

Automated would be nice.


Click image for larger version - Name: PB_Idea.PNG, Views: 55, Size: 1.01 MB

Don`t know if I would like it automated because I prefer to have control of the thought positioning & relationships (often making just small movements or changing a link here & there).  Expanded view is almost like stepping into an uncharted territory that we are just now discovering; feeling through our own perception of how information should fit from our humble POV.  It is definitely a creative process. A Jackson Pollock moment where only you can decipher the true meaning of this link spaghetti.  One crucial point of PB development was when they provided the ability to save these views and thus enable us return to a scenario or create different angles to scenarios.      

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