Magnetars have 108 Tesla a very high magnetic field.

How can I attach this information as a sub-thought "108 Tesla" to the thought Magnetar?

How I can use any special type in my PB?


I would create a child thought to Mangetar called "10^8 Tesla".
It will be found in instant search using either 10 or 10 8 (but not 108). You can always type it out and apply superscript formatting in the notes.

Unfortunately the thought name field doesn't allow superscript or subscript formatting, but it would make a good feature request.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

Magnetars have 108 Tesla a very high magnetic field

If that's all the information you wish to add to a thought, you could put it in the thought's label instead of creating a new child thought (subthought). However, there are two problems with thought labels. Instant Search can't search them, and you can't read their content until you hover over them, which means you actually have no idea whether there is any data in there or not. My workaround is to append an asterisk (*) to the thought name telling me I have put extra info in the thought label. This also works when I have a very long thought name; I can store half of it in the label.

Another option would be to create a tag named "Label" and tag any thought that has content in its label, then uncheck "Hide tag hints" in preferences. Problem here is that now you see all tags, unless you go through them one by one and uncheck "Show hint in Plex", except for the "Label" tag.

Extended Search does look at the contents of labels, so clicking the Search button next to the Instant Search entry box will find it; the only problem here is that extended search finds everything else that matches, bringing you too many results, and you can't adjust its settings to make it search, say, on label alone (which would be nice); but it can be useful.

I suppose another trick might be to create a word document with this phrase on it in big letters, then use Capture Screen Icon to take a screenshot of this and use this as an icon for that thought. As soon as you see the icon, hover over it and the message will flash up. At least this doesn't require appending an asterisk or some other symbol to let you know the label contains data.

Alan Rhodes

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