Is it possible for a thought's displayed children to be predicated by the parent that you used to get there? The link below gives an example of what I mean. I want the children displayed by the thought to depend on how I got to that thought. Note that this is my first day using this software, so an answer in beginner's terms would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Rather than attempting to filter your child thoughts based on a category, you may want to consider making your fruit colors into thought types or tags.  Check out our tutorial on Types and Tags for additional information.

Best Regards, 
James Bennett
TheBrain Technologies
Apples would have a child link to Fruit Colors and to Red and Green.
Grape would have a child link to Fruit Colors and to Purple.
Cherries wold have a child link to Fruit Colors and to Red. 

The colors under Fruit Colors would use the coma trick.  (Fruit Colors, Red).
Fruit Colors could also be a Jump.

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