What's up with the plex speed.  I just updated to the latest beta and it seems "klunky".  The previous version let me roll the mouse over siblings and look at the attachments pane and see the attachments fairly easily.  (Sometimes it was slow but usually not bad.)  This version seems to hang on various thoughts.

Also, there seems to be some huge delays in a thought 'highlighting' on mouseover.  For instance, if I have a couple of jump thoughts and I roll over several of them to get to the one I want to activate I seem to have to wait for the one I want to highlight before I click or I get the wrong thought activated.

Anyone else notice a klunkiness about this version???

I haven't noticed any decrease in responsiveness. Anyone else?
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
This and the odd "email vs. image" issue you've experienced.  Can we take a look at your Program Files/PersonalBrain/output.log file?  Just want to see if there's any errors being generated.

The 'klunkiness' seems to have lessened, though is still apparent to me.  I have tried to make sure that other programs aren't slowing me down.

I have attached the output log.

BTW, looking at this log reminds me... have we ever managed to address the problem with the Adobe pdf files not displaying an icon on the thought in the plex??

The "smoothness" of updating of tools on mouseover depends on what content you have in the tools for the various thoughts. Thoughts with lots of attachments and/or lots of notes will take longer to display.

The problem with your display of PDF icons looks like it is being caused by a custom icon located at C:\WINDOWS\Installer\{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A00000000001}\PDFFile.ico

Normally, icons are loaded from .dll or .exe files. We'll see if we can add the ability to load from .ico files also.

That would be very cool.  This problem has existed since we started this whole beta thing......

Yes I have noticed that the speed is content related and also things have picked up a bit in general so I suspect I must have had something going on in the background slowing me down..

I have the impression that PB is much slower than PB Without doing anything on my PC - PB needs constantly 10 - 15 % of my CPU. The CPU-Using goes fast on 100% if I work. When PB is closed, I haven’t this problem.


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