I was finally able to get one of my megabrains from 8 to 10 and into the cloud.  That allowed me for the first time to really compare speeds across the different versions for identical brains.  Here's what I found.  

A test of about 20 keystrokes, following an identical path through the Brain:
Desktop TB8  1:00 
Webbrain 1:15
Desktop TB10 1:15
Web Client 2:10

A test of randomly clicking through 50 thoughts:
Desktop TB8 1:45
Webbrain TB8 1:45 (about 2 seconds per thought)
Desktop TB10 1:30
Web Client  7:20 (about 9 seconds per thought)

So in both tests the desktop versions were about the same, Webbrain performed pretty much the same as the desktop, and Web Client was almost 2x the time in one, and 4x the time in the other.  9 seconds average per thought across 50 thoughts is a very long lag. 

Windows 10
9 seconds per thought matches the navigation speed I got in a recent test of Jerry's brain in TB10 web client.

Chrome | Windows 7
A bit more information to further test the parameters involved.  

First, I repeated the 50 random thought test in a version of the Megabrain that has no attachments.  Exactly same thoughts I was testing yesterday, but just a subset of them and no URLs or attachments.  About 5,000 thoughts, no URLs or attachments (whereas full Megabrain is 100,000 thoughts, 26GB of attachments).  

TB8 Webbrain:  1:15 (basically 0 lag - only saw the blinking red line once)
TB10 WebClient: 3:30 (blinking red line shows up for most thoughts)

For fun I went to Jerry's Brain in TB10, which also has no attachments (but it does have URLs) but is much larger in terms of thoughts: 

50 random thoughts in Jerry's Brain took about 4:15.  (some thoughts had 0 lag, some 10-20 seconds).

So clearly the TB WebClient  speed is not simply attributable to lots of attachments, although that may contribute.  It is not simply attributable to the number of thoughts, although that may contribute.  But for whatever reason it's MUCH slower than TB8.  
I too have experienced similar Brain performance differences - particularly the current WebBrain response as you've noted.
I hope TB team may address this performance matter, for the collective of the many other Megabrains and WebBrain projects (and some of the other outstanding web content delivery issues impacting all of our WebBrain's). Please. We thank you.

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