I see note and attachment results that don't quite seem right.

To reproduce:
Create a thought called "Woffer" and in the note section copy the first few lines from this page:
thebrain-graph search.png 
Now search for the word "graph" and this new thought shows up in the results.
Hi sean,

which version, os and browser did you use? I am unable to reproduce this behavior with tb, windows 10 & chrome or macOS 10.14 & safari.

Have you tried to reproduce this error in an empty test brain?
Also unable to reproduce in Windows on TheBrain 10.  I wonder if you somehow also copied some meta data in... You can open the Thought folder and examine the note.html...

I can consistently duplicate it on Windows 7 / TheBrain 10. 
Following the instructions above, the Notes folder contains two items. An SVG file and notes.html.
Using Windows Search on this folder, the word graph is coming from the file type of "scalable vector graphics file". 
And that explains why I see it in TheBrain's search results.

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