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Did I read somewhere that the stable/beta channels are pretty much equivalent now?

I'm having so many stability/reliability issues on the Alpha channel now (11 help desk tickets currently open), that I need to revert to an earlier or older version (currently running v253 on Win 7 desktop).

Also, I've never gone back to an earlier/older version before, so any hints/tips about (1) how to revert and (2) where to download the most stable version would be genuinely appreciated.


You can continue on the Stable Chanel if you'd like, but development continues and we'll still be rolling out updates on Alpha and Beta. So it's a personal choice.

On a side note: can we schedule a web meeting to review your open help desk tickets?  I'd like to review all of your current issues with 9.0.250 when you have time to verify that we have everything documented and all needed data for further research.  I'll contact you directly and we'll work out a time.

Thanks, Matt. I appreciate your support offer very much, and I'll be glad to follow-up with you directly to schedule a web meeting.

I'm looking forward to visiting with you soon. Ã°Å¸â„¢â€š

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