So I have used PB on and off since version 2, but never seem to stick with it.

I have had issues where documents lose their links/path and then so much of my work is useless.
The flip side is if you save all your documents in PB and have your brain get corrupted and lose files.

I know this is probably one of the most popular questions, but I am still up in the air about having my files stored inside PB, or having links.  

I have the PB7 desktop client.  I would like to use the free webbrain to maintain a copy of my brain, but I guess this wont store files online.

I use SkyDrive to backup my documents, and use Office 365 for the Microsoft Office documents.  They both work off the same SkyDrive account, and I have a total of 45GB of storage.
BUT I read somewhere to NOT store your PB under SkyDrive.  Why is this?

My thought was to have PB as the main folder in my SkyDrive folder, then have my documents and files in various subfolders within Personal Brain.
My brain would be created by using the existing explorer folders for thoughts, and then form other linkages as necessary.
And my brain would be backed up entirely under SkyDrive.
Will this not work?

Additionally I use gmail contacts, outlook, and EndNote (reference software).
I work full time, and am also working on the PhD, so my brain would be mostly school stuff, but I'd have a Work thought as well.

So I threw out a lot of issues and a couple questions.  
Anyone have any suggestions or comments?


I have my brain on Dropbox, so I can access it from everywhere. There have been reports of database corruption if the connection drops while you are working with the brain. So I do incremental backups of my brain, keeping always the last 20. I never had a problem since one year now.

Thanks for the reply.  
When you create thoughts automatically through doing all documents and folders in a location as thoughts.  Can you have the files be automatically attached?

My thought is to have my main SkyDrive folder, under than my Personal Brain, under that my Google Drive that contains all my folders.

I have SkyDrive to backup the whole thing.  Personal Brain should have all my files and thoughts.  Google Drive would have all the files/folders.  And syncing my desktop brain online my webbrain version would have my Brain backed up (without the files).

And like you recommended I need to make 20 or so backups of my brain in case something gets corrupted.

Does this all sound reasonable?

Hi all,

I got the same type of experience in terms of PB reliability.

I think that it would be good that we don't fear about losing our datas and the online Brain should be the best way to be sure not to lose anything, with sync on PC to work offline.

I personaly also use SkyDrive and feel really secure with it ... and I'd love it be the same with TheBrain, meaning that in modern times and for a paid service we should not have to wonder about losing data so that we can focus on what matters for us ... our brain and its online universe : our account at TheBrain !



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