This morning, when starting the brain, I'm getting the following StartupError: Click image for larger version - Name: StartupError.png, Views: 76, Size: 38.98 KB
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.

Issues like this can be resolved more quickly and efficiently if you email us directly at or visit

  • Please make sure you are not running any older versions of Java.
  • Uninstall all versions of PersonalBrain and TheBrain.
  • If you have any security software that is not part of the Windows operating system by default, temporarily disable it and...
  • re-download and install the latest version of Java and restart your machine then...
  • making sure any security software is still disabled, re-download and install the latest version of TheBrain.

Re-downloading the installers is important because, if you had any security software running when previously attempting installations, it's possible they were damaged. Some security software is a lot more strict than others and can potential cause issues during installation. If you are still having trouble after this, please email us at or visit and provide us with as much information as possible or contact us directly at +310-751-5000.

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