In the past half year, I input the statistics into Excel at the beginning of every day, so that I can see how my brain changes over time.

(sorry for my English)


Edit: The original title of this thread was "Statistics timeline". I realized later that it was misleading, so I changed it to "Statistics history". But I'm still not very sure if it is appropriate. Sorry for my English.
Click image for larger version - Name: 1.png, Views: 282, Size: 19.13 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2.png, Views: 281, Size: 25.36 KB
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Hi Yang.

An interesting exercise.   Just curious, if you would care to share, what are some of your conclusions regarding these statistics?


Hi Shiiko,

Actually, I don’t have many conclusions really. ^__^

But since my PB brain has very close relations with my real brain, when my real brain changes, my PB brain may changes correspondingly, so these statistics can in some degrees tells the activities about my real brain.


That's a very useful and smart review. Tell me, what is the source of the large file attachments changes end of July and end September?


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Thanks Jim ^__^

The large attachments changes was caused by images.

At the end of July, after days of considerations, I decided to move all my images into my PB brain, that's about 4000 images. And I was trying to make each image correspond to one thought. (sorry for my English)

But my CPU is not strong enough for the thumbnail preview feature. When there are a lot of image thoughts in the Plex, the Plex is almost frozen.

After being tortured for 2 months, at the end of September, I had to decided to group those less important images into folders.

But when I upgrade my CPU, I will try this again.

I think most striking for me is the usage graph. It seems to mimic my perception of how I used PB since I started using it again.
In my case there's the large usage at the beginning, mainly related to building the database, exploring it's functions and streamlining relationships. Then my usage probably slacked off as the shiny factor wore off and I started reverting to old habits. Now it's picked up pretty sharply again and is probably leveling off at a mid level usage, as I'm finding new and more complex ways to use it, and integrate it to my personal needs.

I don't have a graph to prove it though. 
Thanks for sharing!

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