I understand that the development of Web Brain 9 is continuing, and that the product is not ready for prime time.  But I did want to get a sense of what's been going on in that area, specifically to see if it would be possible to fix a couple of huge bugs that would make the current tool slightly more usable.

First, with PDF attachments in a thought, the PDF does not render correctly in the preview.  Instead you just see a stream of random ASCII characters in place of the PDF.

So, no problem, just download the PDF, right?  Well, you can't do that.  Whenever you click on the attachment's tab to access a file to download it, the plex reconfigures to some random thought! 

Anyway, if it was at least possible to download an attached file from from the Web Brain, that would make it more useful as I often find myself on a Linux machine with no way to access my TB9. 

Again, I understand that the development effort for Web Brain is distinct from that for the MacOS, Windows, and mobile clients, and that it'll get fixed when it gets fixed.  But if it would be possible to at least download a PDF from the Web Brain right now, that would be swell.
You are correct, the new WebBrain.com location is not yet fully operational, however, I'm happy to collect all feature requests you may have.  I'll document this one for the webbrain team.

Thank you,

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