OK, so to provide the usual caveat: my apologies if this is posted elsewhere. However, here is my dilemma; I've been using the brain off/on for over a year w/ varying levels of success but now I am trying to insert it as part of my daily workflow.  As such, what I need to create a status report that lists 1. the week 2. the engineer and 3. their status for that week.  This would need to be done for about 10 engineers each week.  They send me their status updates via lotus notes, but I'm thinking it would be very efficient (and cool) to put them in my brain so that I can copy/paste their updates into the nots and bring up their status whenever I need it.  So, what would be the simplest and cleanest way to create this type of brain? My current idea is to create a parent for status, then a child for the month, a child for each of the 4 weeks of the month and then a child of each week for the resource name and then a child of the resource name for that status. And yes, that sounds as much like the wrong way to do it to me as it does to any of you.  All assistance appreciated!
I think I would reverse it.

First, create a thought for each engineer.
Next, create a thought for the current week (You can go here for date scripts to create them for the entire year). I would also recommend using the following date format: 2010-01-09.

Now create the following text you can use each week:
, Engineer Name;, Engineer Name2;, Engineer Name3;, Engineer Name4;, Engineer Name5;, Engineer Name6;, Engineer Name7;, Engineer Name8;, Engineer Name9;, Engineer Name10

Each week, paste that text into the create child prompt text box with that week as the active thought. It will create the 10 thoughts, and since you are using the comma trick in the thought creation, it will automatically add the date from the parent thought. The final step will be to activate each created thought, paste the status text into the notes, and link the appropriate engineer as the second parent.

Now you can either click on the appropriate date and see the status for all your engineers, or click on the engineer, and see the dates listed below them with the statuses (statii? ) Because you have the date first in the status thought, and if you use the recommended date format, it will list their status below the name ordered by date. Outline view would be particularly effective here.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
That worked like a charm! Many thanks.

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