after a sync-error in one brain I tried to prevent the other from syncing. Here is why I could not manage to stop syncing immediately:

My brains are set to "sync this brain automatically"
On startup of PBrain (without having loaded a brain) there is no option to prevent it from syncing.
I cut the line to the internet router.
After startup of the individual brain you may push the sync button fast enough.
But unchecking "Sync this Brain automatically" is only accepted (remembered) when you push OK. But this results in syncing this time.
Cancel forgets the uncheck.
OK leads to error validating account: Verify your internet connection ...
So I see no way to come out of the sync-cycle without initiating one last sync.
Maybe I change the password of the webbrain-account?
This has the same result as cutting the line :-)
So either spend a third button "accept changes"
take any change of this check-button since it will not hurt to be changed.
add a sub-dialog about options.
... Furthermore I think TheBrain is unique
regards Hannes from Bavaria
Brain Junky V6.x Pro / WebBrain / V7 Beta /
Win 7 Prof 64 & 32, MS Office 2010 & Outlook & Firefox & IE
Hannes, Thanks for the detailed explanation. I will check with our engineers to see if they can add a feature for this.


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