I want to use Brain for studying the history of art. At first sight personalbrain looks very useful for such material, but I was confronted with difficulties, what I wasn’t able to solve.

If we took one period, the Renaissance, for instance, we have:

1. time frames – the early and the High Renaissance.
2. genres: architecture, painting, sculpture
3. countries: Italy, Germany.
4. schools to which an artists belongs.

Now I need to filter information to see only Italian Early Renaissance sculpture for example. In del.ici.ous there are Related Tags, so I can choose Italy+sculpture, and how to resolve it in Brain?

Besides this I have artists and works of art, and it would be good to have possibility to see them independently.

The structure I've made is in attachment. But it more complex situations it becames a horrible mess and it’s impossible to understand anything... Can somebody give me an advice of how to deal with this information?

Thank you and excuse me for my poor English!

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Hi Kolius.

Take a look at the tag and type functions in PB.

For example if you create tags for:

1. Genres
G:Architecture , Gainting , G:Sculpture


2. Countries
C:Italy , C:Germany

you can find any combination through the Reports - Custom Report (Tags) function.

P.S. the reason I prefixed Genres with G: and Countries with C: is to make them group together in the tags drop down. You can also color code them so they are easily recognizable.

You could either use tags or a combination of tags and types.
Regarding types remember that you can also use Super Types i.e. a type can be a subset of another type.

Regards Hans Henrik Nørregaard
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I would tend to use Types for the type of art. This is purely because you can only assign one type per thought, and a Painting cannot be a sculpture. I'd also color code them, so it's easier to distinguish the different types when they are mixed together.

Awww heck. I've attached an example. It's easier Click image for larger version - Name: art.png, Views: 400, Size: 12.74 KB
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Timelines and meta data are not available in PB as of now. See:


For point 2 to 4 here is an example:


You also have the learning resources on the Brain site:


TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

Thank you for your answers!
Without timelines it's really very problematically
to study history… unfortunately, I think I will better wait for the new version of PB


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