One of my favorite products -- iThoughts -- uses its own product to publish release notes when iThoughts is updated.   It's a mind map with nodes explaining Fixes, Tweaks, New Features, and other important info.

It's a nice idea, and would be helpful with TheBrain.  I wouldn't mind if staff automatically placed a "Release Notes" (or similarly named) brain into my web folder and I could "Refresh Brains" and open it locally.  It would also be a way for staff to push useful info and suggestions to the user base.  That would probably be a read-only brain, but we could make personal duplicates.

A little cooler than just having a vanilla Release Notes thing in Help.
+1 [smile]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
We have something very similar in the process of being built.  This inspires me to take it one step further.  Thanks for sharing!


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