THEBRAIN Version 11


Hereby some wishes for TheBrain 11 which will make an exceptional product of it, which will be used by thousands of users with a different goal in their minds (Students, Scientists, Artists, Writers e.c.t…)

1°) Notes

Notes is the way a user puts its own ideas into the thoughts.

It has to be a multiple usable editor which can fulfill different tasks in one central editor.

The use of a menu could also be considered.

Collaboration between several users within the editor is also to think out (Ckeditor 5 is working on that).

SCEditor is such an application:

It’s full opensource and can be extended with plugins.

Here is a list what the editor should have to do with examples:

-Making tables.

-Generate forms and make the data persistent with json. —>

-Edit mathematical formulas. —> —>

-Load and manage images. —>

-Insert and manage surveys    —>

-Play back video’s.—>

-Play back sound. —>


-Edit Flowcharts. —>

-Make simple drawings. —>

-View 3d simulations. —>

-View augmented reality. —>


-3d printing —>



Those functions could be integrated with plugins.

Collaboration between several users within the editor has also to be think out (Ckeditor 5 is working on that).

2°) Making TheBrain Full-Object-Oriented and ready for A.I.

To be full Object Oriented, the soft misses some important features f.i.

-Attributes: every thought, or other node has to have the possibility to manage much more attributes other than its name and label. One should implant a special screen where managing those items could be done by editing the key-paired name-values: +add -delete -rename -change the value and so on.

-Methods / Functions In the attribute screen: there should be an option available in the above screen to manage methods as well. These could be predefined javascript chunks which can be chosen from a list or where the user himself could made or let made its own methods and the added to the list-box.

f.i. with a smartphone: take a video, make a photo, record a sound, measure signals from the set of sensors or probes.

- Relations: The relations have to provide a list of functions and logical operations which can be execute on the attributes of the several thoughts on each other so that one can define rules on which the thoughts has to be fulfill to be accepted.

- Goals: A new type of thought object has to be created as a result of the stated rules. 

These features have to be made persistent in Json files.

3°) Extending the import/export functions with Json format.

4°) The long awaited API 


Gerard Coppejans



For methods / functions design, here is a free opensource full visual app to generate the code visually: 

Blockly !


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