I wish there were more ways to hide thoughts other than "forgetting them"

Two I wish the most for are:
"future thoughts", not visible until, or between specific times. Such as around holidays or birthdays.
Something like "Conditional thought links" That make the linked thought invisible unless a conditional link is activated somehow, a checkbox of a thought type would probably suffice.

Scenario: Say I am waiting for someone to do something I could have a thought representing that, and conditional links to other thoughts that I cannot act on until the person has finished. Those conditional links or type hide those thoughts until the condition has been activated. Then on that thought about waiting for someone to do something. I could put an ETA that hides it until a specific time in the future when I expect the other person to be finished. Say the person finishes early, I could toggle off the time sensitive filter to reveal the thought and remove the ETA.

That way inactionable, non-referential thoughts could be "off my mind" until necessary.

Another scenario: Say I am planning on a promotion, and create a bunch of thoughts about what to do and know after the promotion occurs, but in the mean time I want those thoughts to be hidden to not have clutter. I could toggle them all off, when I am not doing the planning. But I would not want a completely separate brain, because the planning would be interlinked all over the current environment.

Basically have any number of conditions that don't need to be in the brain most of the time.

Right now I handle that by marking inactionable, non-referential thoughts as a ^waiting type. Which is OK but still messy,
+1 for multiple thought hiding options:
> Deferred thoughts (set-aside for a future time frame)
> Pending thoughts (conditional or GTD 'waiting for')

To elaborate on this, I'd also like to have the options to:
> generate reports so I could view a list of all hidden (deferred or pending) thoughts
> reveal hidden thoughts either individually, selectively or en masse

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