It would be intelligent if support at TheBrain could be integrated as a specific thought in each one's Brain. This way you won't need to get out of it and log into your support site in order to report an issue. You just create a new child thought under some (previously) established categories. This will be a default section in each Brain and support team will access it directly and answer as a child thought, and even get to see any public related thought, etc.

This is not only practical but also conceptually consistent with the Brain vision.

This way not only the concerned client can see how to solve some issue but solved issues will be automatically published in the public SUPPORT BRAIN and well categorized (tags and types) so that a recurring issue or question  wouldn't have to be repeatedly answered.

Juan Pablo Barragán
Odoo Concept
Nice idea, but might be better as a separate 'Support' brain, accessible from the menus, so as not to intrude on user's brains.
A product design team eyeing a rich support integration experience arc could explore some fascinating integration experiences ... and a "support" brain could technically be architected to remain under TheBrain's developer/support teams' control as a shared "collaboration brain and KB Article dissemination vector" on TheBrain's cloud that also happens to be tied deeply into TheBrain's desktop client experience allowing for the "feeling" of having a fully integrated personal brain support experience when stepping into a support goal 🎯 mode of some sort.

Exploring this scenario would really help push the feature set of the TheBrain's Server platform for collaborative teams also ... and perhaps even drive a new product offering to enable these collaborative support models for general purpose KB management needs for any creative communities to consider adopting for community engagement leveraging TheBrain as both a support tool and an alternate client support engagement interface.

Any new child/jump/parent thoughts that a user creates to interact with support topics should surface within their own personal brains as perhaps a special "dialogue thought type" that strikes up a special dialogue view and async process to express itself outwards towards either a separate public / private or shared-view mode database ... or, on a related topic, as @gery51 suggested, a headless CMS implementation of some sort could be used as a shared data structure to power both a support forum "view" (like this one here / and also the "shared support brain" database in some way for different viewing vectors for different users.

Should these scenarios be considered, it's not a huge stretch to consider supporting the generation of new "support content" by motivated power users that, so long as approved and a level of quality and formatting control is applied, is then published to the rest of the community to leverage.

The sky is the limit with this feature request ðŸŒ¤ï¸ ... would be awesome to see!

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