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My gym (which offers a 12 month lock-in-only like TheBrain) offers a rebate for those who pay half a year in advance.
Gives them the gym the money earlier to invest and the profit from avoiding inflation,
makes the finances simpler for the people who have the money lying around and reimburses them for inflation loss/capital gains missed.
It'd be nice, if that was an option for TheBrain as well.
If you have to insist on a 12-month-lock-in, (which everyone and their grandmother hates) a little flexibility would
garner a lot of good will (and not be unprofitable).
I guess there's the risk of not being able to do anything when people just stop paying their monthly rate and they're hiding in far-off exotic countries (or anything that's not the United States). Collecting from internationals seems like a nightmare.

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