I am using PersonalBrain Pro. version 5.
I am switching between brains often.
Once on a while, when I visit a Thought in one of the brain, the note of that brain is overwritten by an other note from a different brain.
This is happening for a long time and I am wondering if others also reported this problem or not.
This is frustrating, because I don't know when is the overwritten happens, I notice it only when I am visiting the Thought that losing the Thought.

I am using Vista Home system.
If you need more information about my system, please let me know.

The mix up happens between two Thoughts between different brains but having the same Internal Id.

Here are the steps you could try to recreate the switching problem.
1. Open the PersonalBrain with any existing brain.
2. Go to File->New Brain, create Orange brain.
3. Add Orange brain to the push button.
4. Got to File>New Brain, create Apple brain.
5. Add Apple brain to the push button.
6. Switch to Orange brain, create  : Orange 1; Orange 2; Orange 3; Orange 4, thoughts
7. Switch to Apple brain, create for : Apple 1; Apple 2; Apple 3; Apple 4, thoughts
8 Switch to Orange brain, selects Orange 3 thought (It should not be Orange 1)
9 Switch back to the Apple brain
10 Add text to the Apple 1 thought,
11 Make the text bold.
12 Switch back to Orange
13 The Orange 1 though should have a note, that coming from Apple.

For switching the push button was used.
Ervinn, Thank you for the post and the instructions on how to replicate this. I have notified our engineers about this.

Best regards,


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