I'd like to see a small symbol appear next to a thought in the plex, similar to the little white square icon when the Note contains data (i.e., is non-empty)

Right now we have no way of knowing if a label contains data without actually hovering over its thought. The color of whatever symbol is chosen for this would have to be user-configurable so it would show up against any background.

This display should be able to be turned on and off, just like Note icons.

Thought labels are important as they are directly in the line of sight compared with Notes that require you to look down, up or to one side to read and are not visible when the plex is fully expanded. I'd also like to see an option to enable Instant Search include them, or an option to limit Extended Search to search only labels, whichever is easier for the developers.

I'd also like labels to be multiline beyond a certain length; surely this can't be too difficult to implement.

Alan Rhodes
+ 1. These suggestions should be implemented in PB, especially the indexing of labels.

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