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Thanks for your prompt follow-up, Matt.

I'm currently on V250, with my updates set for the Alpha Channel. However, I've not received any new notification updates since V250.
> Is TB9 no longer providing automatic update notifications?
> Or is there a chance there's a bug in the automatic notification system?

I will manually update to the current version, and I'll let you know if anything changes with this missing image after the update.

Since the brain in question is private, I'll follow-up on my help desk ticket and make arrangements to share this brain privately, and provide a link to the thought in question.

Re: your Shakespeare brain:
> Yes, I can see the image. Thanks! (FYI, I'm using Chrome)

One more thing:
> May we share the link to your Shakespeare brain in the TB9 Samples discussion? Would be great for others to see what you've done with this brain!
Just now checked for updates, and when I selected the option to update TB9, it completely locked up.

This is actually a repeat of what happened when I attempted to update to version 250 4 days ago.

Will provide the follow-up details in my help desk ticket for this additional update bug.
Thank you Metta.  

First, we only released a new update (9.0.253) today.  It will always take a bit of time between the release of the new build and when you'll get a pop up message saying that a new update is available.  If you manually check (Help > Check for Update) you'll have more immediate results.

Yes, feel free to share the Shakespeare link 😉

We'll keep an eye out for your additional info on these issues.

Thank you,
Thanks, Matt. Shared the link to your TB9 Shakespeare brain. ðŸ˜‰

The only reason I asked about the automatic update notifications is that I never saw anything about v251 or v252.
.251 was not released. .252 was only up for a few hours before it was replaced with .253. 😉
Thanks, Harlan! Appreciate the update and clarification. ðŸ˜‰

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