Hi there,
just wanted to take up the issue of sync with webbrain again. I am dissatisfied how sync has developed in v7. It was much quicker in v6. Now it takes around 30 min alone to calculate the changes made locally; each sync takes several hours to complete, I mostly have to run them over night.

My brain has around 7000 thoughts with 3000 attachments, totaling around 1,3 GB...this might be a lot, but never was an issue in v6. Sync then took a couple of minutes to maybe an hour max. Maybe a change has been made from incremental sync to full sync every time?

I am also convinced that this is not a server load issue as it takes very long regardless of the time of day and has been consistent in the last couple of weeks. It can also be seen that sync is quite heavy on the system, cpu load jumps to 180-200% for TheBrain and the fan runs like crazy (on a mac 10.7. with i7 processor).

Any thoughts? Similar experiences?
Thanks and all the best,
Hi Frank,

The way sync works has not changed between version 6 and 7. Based on the metrics from the server, the average sync time is less than one minute.

All syncs are incremental unless your brain has never been synced before. Keep in mind if you have large attachments that you are modifying, they must be compressed and uploaded. Also, remember that you can sync in the background - you do not have to wait for the sync to complete before you use your brain. If you initiate a manual sync, just close the status window and sync will complete in the background.

Regardless of the above, it sounds like what you are experiencing is some kind of a bug. Please contact to open a support ticket and we will investigate what is going wrong for you. Please include the GUID of your Brain and a specific description of the problem (how long sync takes, what you changed since last syncing, and the sync.log file, which is located in your _brain folder).
Many thanks for your answer Harlan,
I'll email support.
All the best,

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