I have version - still in the first 30 days of use (still in demo mode).  I made a personal brain file, and downloaded the zip of the file to my home PC. 

At work, I made changes to this brain and synced those changes to the server.  When I came home, I opened up the brain using the brainzip and clicked on sync, hoping to get all the changes that I had made to the brain from the webbrain sync.

Instead, what appears to have happened is that the older brain file that I opened at home overwrote all of the changes I had made and synced to WebBrain.

So I just lost a few hours of work on this Brain.

You mentioned "When I came home, I opened up the brain using the brainzip" Wasn't the Brain already on this computer?  It sounds like you may have overwritten the content by extracting an older BrainZip and then doing a sync again.  Thus making webbrain think that these were new changes.  Is that possible?  To properly update a WebBrain, continue using the original Brain that was originally synced to Webrain. If you are on a new machine, where the brain does not exist, download the latest version of the Brain from webbrain.com, extract and start making your edits.

Thank you,
I went back and checked - and it appears that I may not have had this brain on auto-sync (since I was playing with private/public thought options I probably turned it off.)

I re-opened it from work and synced it up and everything was fine so this may have been user-error, not a bug. 

..Although now I'm having a more serious issue with the home instance of PB [BSODs  - sigh] (I've filed a ticket through the support email on it, but can gen a forum post if need be)


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