Using Mac OSX Sierra and .127 version of Brain 9.

This morning I had a lot of work to do which involved saving several files, changing them, resaving them, etc.  I would either open a thought's folder in Finder, and copy files into it, or open MS Word and simply save files to the thought's folder.

During the course of this work I noticed that files which I had deleted via Finder kept re-appearing after a sync.  Essentially no matter what I did with files, the preview server would ignore that work and just copy down files I had deleted.

It got to the point where I simply went to preview.webbrain.com and deleted all the files there then moved all the files out of the thought's folder, then did a sync.  Once I got both the preview server and my local copy of v9 in sync, I dragged those files (and a folder) from the Finder window into the attachments view of v9, then did a sync, and all was well.

The sync seems to have problems with files that have been modified in place using the Finder or another non-Brain application.  If you use the Brain's controls to add/delete files, it syncs just fine.
Thanks for reporting. We will investigate this further and try to replicate.

I suspect the issue is not related to the fact that you made the changes via Finder but rather the fact that you were deleting files within a few minutes of having modified them. When a deletion and modification happen in close temporal proximity to one another, TB will favor the modification and undo the deletion. This is done because the individual computer clocks may be slightly different from one another and thus it can't know which action really happened last so it favors the least destructive operation during the sync operation.
That makes perfect sense.   I think that programmed behavior of TB9 exactly accounts for my experience.

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