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Great to hear. Thanks Pat. [smile]
Fantastic!  Glad that worked.  We'll continue to review the previous issue that you brought to our attention and improve the sync process.

Thank you,
Excellent. Thanks for the update.
Harlan wrote:
Please try redoing the import from TB8 after performing the following steps. (I am assuming you do not need the changes you have made in TB9 - if that is incorrect, please send us a copy of your brain (File > Backup to Brain Archive) via

To redo the import:
  • Close TB8 and open the _brain folder for your brain.
  • Rename the brain_cdbb folder to brain_cdbb_old
  • Restart TB8 and open your brain.
  • TB8 will reconstruct the folder that was just renamed. Wait for it to finish.
  • Close TB8.
  • Open TB9 and delete the copy you previously imported.
  • Import again.
  • Sync again.
If that doesn't work, please send us a copy of your brain. Thanks.

Did you receive my brainzip-file? service uploaded the whole 1.9 Gb file, but it didn't send me e-mail for confirmation. I tried also to  run version 8 Utility Options (Check for Modified Attachments, Remove Redundant Notes, Repair Orphaned Attachments, Rebuild Database, Rebuild search index) to my version 8 brain and to re-import it to version 9.0.123 but the sync problem still exists.



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