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Hi Matt,

I encountered same issue of this today. 

Have added a few thoughts on iPhone theBrain yesterday but can never make it show up on my MBP.  But it can show on the web version.

I therefore try to open the theBrain on my another computer - MBA. The missing thoughts can be see from there. So I open the Show History window. The interesting part is I can see the thoughts from show history windows on MBA but not on MBP.

Any suggestion to rectify this? Can I force to resync the MBP copy?


@oleung I believe there is an issue with TheBrain Cloud. I put in a ticket last Wednesday and was informed they found an issue with syncing to TheBrain cloud, I've not heard back yet. So far, I've not had data loss, just having the different brain instances showing different states of data. I assume once they resolve the sync issue, everything should diff and show the correct info.
TheBrain 11 Alpha Channel
Windows 10 2004 Enterprise

Thanks for posting.  Would you mind sending a few screenshots of what your Brain looks like on iPhone vs. Web Client vs. desktop app.  How were the thoughts added when you were on your iPhone?

Also, as a quick test. Can you modify the thought that you CAN see on the web client (just make a quick edit to a note for example) and then re-sync from the desktop?  Does the thought and content then show up?



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